Riviera LED Light

Product Name : Riviera LED Light

Product Specification

Owing to its sleek and beautifully design and excellent light distribution system, Riviera LED Lightsare widely demanded by various industries to be used in the offices, banks, classrooms, auditoriums, hospitals, entrance hall, corridors, residential apartments, industrial sheds etc. It offers excellent lighting solutions and its extruded aluminium housing acts as a heat sink, which is another added advantage of using Riviera LED Lights. It lightweight and robust construction makes it ideal and convenient to use in different applications. In the recent past, Customer Delight Trading has made its mark in the industry for offering supreme quality Riviera LED Lights in the UAE. We procure these LED lights from reputed and trustworthy manufacturers and made them available to the clients as the demand occurs. As reputed Riviera LED Lights Suppliers in UAE, we try to maintain a set standard and send products to the clients only if they meet up our quality standards.