Insulated Pin Type

Mod. AP,

Insulated Pin Types are widely used in a number of applications including electricity boards (Generation & Distribution), electrical industries (control panels, switch gears, transformers, circuit breakers) industrial for electrical applications (shipping, automobile, steel & fertilizers, chemical, cement and textile, chemical electronics, mining aeronautics, satellite and communications). We are supplying a wide range of Insul

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Insulated Ring Terminals

Mod. AT, 

We are offering a wide selection Insulated Ring Terminals to the UAE market. We procure these highly effective and robust Insulated Ring Terminals from various reputed manufacturers and vendors all over the world and provide them to the various industries in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In the past few years, we have grown as one of the most reputed Insulated Ring Terminals Suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have been supplying these Insula

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Insulated Butt Connector

Mod. AML,

Insulated Butt Connectors are used for easy wire insertion from both ends and a built-in wire stop for correct positioning and connecting two ends of the wires. They have wide electrical usage in the electrical and lighting industries as well as in several industries working with electronic machinery. When the insulation of the butt connector is heated, it enables adhesive within the insulation to melt and flow evenly for a sealed con

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Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Mod. HPS-50,

We are one of the largest Hydraulic Crimping Tools Suppliers in UAE, engaged in the procurement of the Hydraulic Crimping Tools and supplying them to various industries all over the UAE. These Hydraulic Crimping Tools are used in a number of applications to crimp wires, butt connectors etc. The Hydraulic Crimping Tools can crimp 14 to 0 AWG copper and aluminum wires using steel crimping dies. The Hydraulic Crimping Tools that we are offering are procure

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Long Barrel Copper Cable Lugs

SOFAMEL Long Barrel Copper Cable Lugs are featuring longer end that allows for double crimping. Made of highly conductive copper which is tinned to prevent copper oxidisation and therefore improve connectivity.

We are offering a wide range of Long Barrel Copper Cable Lugs in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We get hold of these Long Barrel Copper Cable Lugs from reputed manufacturers and maintain a large stock to meet up the demands of the market. Long Barrel Copper Cable Lugs offered is corrosion a

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Crimping Tool

Mod. SF-40, 

Crimping Tool is used to conjoin two pieces of metal by deforming them. Crimping is done by placing the ends of the wires in a connector and crimp with the help of a crimping tool. Crimping Tools are used to create crimps in the network cables and phone cables to join the RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors to the both ends of either phone or CAT5 cable. We, at Customer Delight Trading, are offering a wide range of remote controlled and manual Crimping tool

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Bimetallic Cable Lug

Mod. TBF

Bimetallic Cable Lug is made using two metals – copper and aluminium. Both the metals are good electrical conductors. The construction of the Bimetallic Cable Lug includes aluminium body and copper tip. It could be made completely of copper, but aluminium protects the Lug from oxidation. It is largely being used in the industries for attaching the aluminum cable to the rail web and for making connections of aluminium cables to DIN 48201. We are o

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SF-20 Cable Cutters

We are renowned SF-20 Cable Cutters suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are involved in supplying the wide assortment of heavy SF-20 Cable Cutters to a number of industries all over the Gulf countries. The SF-20 Cable Cutters that we are offering are procured from reliable and reputed international manufactures. They manufacture these cutters using cutting edge technology in their highly equipped facilities. These SF-20 Cable Cutters are made of strong steel with plasti

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Cord End Terminal

Mod. APF,

We are offering a wide assortment of Cord End Terminals, procured from a variety of manufacturers. In the past few years, we have grown as one of the major Cord End Terminal Suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have been catering the needs of various industries in the gulf countries right from the inception of our firm. Customer Delight Trading takes pride in making available a selection of Cord End Terminals at reasonable prices to all its esteemed patron

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