Bimetallic Cable Lug

Product Name : Bimetallic Cable Lug

Product Specification

Mod. TBF

Bimetallic Cable Lug is made using two metals – copper and aluminium. Both the metals are good electrical conductors. The construction of the Bimetallic Cable Lug includes aluminium body and copper tip. It could be made completely of copper, but aluminium protects the Lug from oxidation. It is largely being used in the industries for attaching the aluminum cable to the rail web and for making connections of aluminium cables to DIN 48201. We are offering Bimetallic Cable Lugs, manufactured from aluminium alloy of purity equal to or higher than 99.5%. We have gained a reputation of being the best in the class Bimetallic Cable Lug Suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We procure these Bimetallic Cable Lugs from reputed manufacturers who manufacture the lugs under extreme conditions and match up to TBF bimetallic cable lug manufactured from aluminium alloy of purity equal or higher than 99.5%. The palm is manufactured with forged copper. The two parts of the bimetallic cable lug are joined through a friction stir welding process. Incorporates neutral grease to avoid aluminium oxidation.our quality standards. Clients can approach us through email or phone for placing their orders for the same at reasonable prices.