Insulated Butt Connector

Product Name : Insulated Butt Connector

Product Specification

Mod. AML,

Insulated Butt Connectors are used for easy wire insertion from both ends and a built-in wire stop for correct positioning and connecting two ends of the wires. They have wide electrical usage in the electrical and lighting industries as well as in several industries working with electronic machinery. When the insulation of the butt connector is heated, it enables adhesive within the insulation to melt and flow evenly for a sealed connection. Each of the available Insulated Butt Connector ensures the demands of various vehicles, electrical applications and machinery are met. We are amongst one of the largest providers of such Insulated Butt Connectors in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We procure these Insulated Butt Connectors from reputed and reliable manufacturers and send them for the strict quality test to ensure that our clients get no sub-standard products. Feel free to contact us for further details or for purchasing Insulated Butt Connectors from us at market leading prices.

AML butt-connector manufactured from electrolytic copper strap with PVC insulation. Incorporates an inside fitting which provides a better security to stand possible mechanical vibrations.          

SOFAMEL Insulated Butt-Connectors are ideally suited for general electrical connections. Produced from the best copper tinned for better conductivity and anti-oxidisation with PVC colour coded insulation at the barrel end.