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Product Specification

Insulating Stool Suppliers In UAE- Customer Delight Trading is one of the trustable Insulating Stool, Safety Insulating Stool suppliers in UAE.

Model. ST

High stability
High impact resistance
High slip resistance

Made of high impact copolymer polypropylene.
The platform surface is rough and non-slip.
Rubber tips are placed under the legs to give it greater adherence to the floor and protection from wear.
Platform: 525x525 mm
Surface: 575x575 mm

According to UNE 204001 standard.

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The Insulating stools are used to provide insulation to the technician when they are working with electrical wires or connections. These stools have anti-slip pads that keep them in place. These have plenty of other benefits as well which makes them popular in the market today. Some of the reasons why electricians should use these stools are:

Prevents Electric Shocks

The Insulating stools that we provide are effective in preventing electric shocks. These ensure that you are safe when working with electrical wires and connections.

Peace of Mind

When you use the Insulating stools in your workplace, you are aware of your safety and know that you will be protected from electric shocks. When you have that peace of mind, your productivity will increase and you can complete your tasks faster and easier.

Therefore choose to deal with us and get our products for your use. These are listed at an affordable price. We are the best safety Insulating Stool Suppliers in UAE, providing only the best to our customers always.