Rescue Panoply

Product Name : Rescue Panoply

Product Specification

Panoply is used in the case of any electrical accident. It is essential to intervene in such kind of situation, but intervening without any protective measures is not a good choice. Rescue Panoply is a set of essential rescue tools, to be used in an electrically hazardous situation. Rescue Panoply is a 0,9 x 1,6 m board that contains one BS-45 rescue pole, one metallic case for gloves, one pair of class 3 gloves, one SZ-57 insulated wire cutter, one pipette, one 45 kV insulated stool, one jar of salts, one first aid board and one instruction board. We are prominent Rescue Panoply Suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE, engaged in procuring high-quality Rescue Panoply from reputed vendors and manufacturers. We have served a variety of Oil & Gas firms, Power industry and Construction industry with our supreme quality Rescue Panoply. Get in touch to buy the best quality Rescue Panoply in Abu Dhabi, UAE.