LV Power & Control Cables

Product Name : LV Power & Control Cables

Product Specification

We offer high-quality low voltage cables and control cables which have a huge demand in the market. Low voltage power cables are mostly used in electric power distribution substations, industrial applications to distribution electric panels, etc. Control cables, on the other hand, carry signals from electrical devices, switchgear etc. to the control room. For voltage range for power cables includes 0.6/1.0 kV & 1.8/3.0 and for control cables it is 0.6/1.0 kV. The cables that we offer are manufactured in accordance with international standards including BS, IEC and other national & utility standards.                                                                                 

We offer products of fine quality and we make sure that our products protect you from all kinds of hazards. The low voltage power and control cables which we sell are durable and they are suitable for different processes. We offer these products at the best market prices. You can place your order with us and we will make sure that your order is delivered on time. You can also order products in bulk.