MV Cables

Product Name : MV Cables

Product Specification

We offer Medium voltage cables that work as large power carriers from electric stations to transmit & distribute further to substations in other areas. For these Medium voltage cables, the voltage range includes from 3.6/6 kV to 19/33 kV. These cables are manufactured in accordance with international standards including BS, IEC and other national & utility standards.


Power distributing equipment systems are considered highly critical. It is a fact that these systems require careful selection to avoid a compromise of electricity delivery. Improvement in technology also demands for the advancement of products- from the largest to the minute. Promoting high valued goods and services is what we aim for. Management of substations and related back-end operations is an important task and equipment like solid medium voltage cables play an important role in such electricity delivery and distribution processes. We provide medium voltage cables in compact sizes with improved energy efficiency. These cables are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Our products are of unparalleled quality and we make sure that our products protect you from all kinds of hazards. The medium voltage cables which we sell are durable and they are the right pick for transformers distributing power. We offer these products at the best market prices. You can place your order with us and we will make sure that your order is delivered on time. You can also order products in bulk.